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The A~Bun~Dance Games are a more innovative, entertaining and expansive way of fundraising for non-profit organizations through a series of games, conflict-resolution skill building, and creative collaboration.

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A~Bun~Dance Games

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The A*Bun*Dance Games are a more innovative, entertaining and expansive way of fundraising for non-profit organizations through a series of games, conflict-resolution skillbuilding, and creative collaboration. We feel that developing theseskills are the keys to making significant change in this world; and if it’s fun people will do it. This is what Baly Ha Na calls, “Playing the Dolphin Way,” with a goal of having “A*Fun*A*Bun*Dance World…for all!”

21 Days to Abundance & Freedom

  • Each Team will participate in 3 games at the A*Bun*Dance Games. These games will develop and test skills in conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, creativity, and collaboration.
  • Each team will get their game card and challenges, and opportunity to gain points in the 21-day window, along with during the event itself.
  • All advertising, promotion and campaigns will begin officially, and be in full force during the 21-day window.
  • Prizes and funding percentages will be based on points at the end of the event.
  • ALL participating non-profits will receive a percentage of the funding just for showing up to the games and being part of it.
  • Games will be held from 10:00-12:00, and There is a maximum of 10 teams per day that can participate.
  • The A*Bun*Dance Games results will be announced, and top participant is invited to the main stage during the One Song Closing Ceremonies to participate at 7:07pm.
  • Each non-profit is invited to set up a table at no charge throughout the weekend; they must be completely self-sustainable however, with all their own needs. If they are wishing to use more than a 10-foot frontage that is donated to them, they must pre-approve this with the One Song Team at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • This Event will be videotaped and livestreamed so it is strongly suggested that you reach out to your networks long-distance, as well as social media, and ask them to join the games at the event to vote for you.

At Baly Ha Na, we feel that if we can make it more fun to solve problems in this world more people will participate. To accomplish this, we must develop the necessary conflict-resolution skills that we never really learned. It will only take a small shift in a small percentage of people to quite literally transform our whole world into one where suffering and “survival” based living is a thing of the past. We all deserve to reach our true potential and its Baly Ha Na’s and One Song’s mission to support each other in that quest. And I am sure you would agree, a new way to fund projects is needed. We hope you will enjoy our innovative and entertaining ways of getting there that are timeless, childlike, and universal in nature.

Thanks for playing…the dolphin way,
Barbara Hughes
Founder and Big Kahuna
Baly Ha Na, LLC
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