Training Workshops

Beginning July 10th through July 30th at the Fryeburg Fairgounds in Fryeburg Maine. Train with professionals in the music industry.


Ages 11 & Up
July 10th through July 30th

Train with incredible proffessionals in

  • Sound Engineering
  • Creating Your Own Band
  • Radio Production
  • Marketing, Promotion & Advertising
  • Artist Management
  • Songwriting: Group & Individual
  • Event Management
  • Music Video
  • Communications Skills Training
  • Creative Writing

$150 per Person
Scholarships Available

Class Curriculum

Monday July 10th
10:00-11:30 “The Product”
You will learn as a group how to write the verse sections, your own story within the story, for the song “One-Song.” This will serve as the orientation class for the entire program and highly recommended for all. Skills: Interpersonal Communication, Collaboration, Creative Writing, Group Dynamics, Music & Songwriting

Monday July 10th
12:30-3:00 “The Band”
In this class you will take your new “Product” (The Song), and learn how to put your team/band together to represent the sound and strategies involved is putting the band together. You do not need to play an instrument, but rather begin the business side of coming up with name, goals, and overall plan.

Tuesday July 11th
10:00-11:30 “The Venue”

  • Be a venue owner who books talent
  • Have an artist or manager ask you for a booking
  • Learn the financial side from a venue owner’s perspective
  • Learn what materials are needed to make your life easier as a venue owner
  • Publish first promotional material
  • Experience the first night of booking

Tuesday July 11th
12:30-3:00 “Artist Management”

  • Find Artists you admire & Scout them
  • Define your own skills and what you bring to the artist
  • Make an appointment and meet your artist
  • Learn how to develop a strategy for that particular artist
  • Develop and present your contract to your artist
  • Book first venue for your artist

Monday July 17th
10:00-11:30 “The Music Video”

  • Take your new single and write a music video script
  • Write ideas individually of scenes that come to mind
  • Use the “One Song 101” method of putting the group video script together
  • Take some footage and ideas on cell phones and IPADs
  • Storyboard for editing later

Monday July 17th
12:30-3:00 “The Radio Show”

  • Help Create the One Song Radio Show
  • Develop the music beds and “Sound” of your show
  • Find Artists you wish to interview and learn how to record them
  • Create your interview questions
  • Find your sponsors for the radio show
  • Develop the sponsor package and make your first presentation

Tuesday July 18th
10:00-11:30 “The Campaign”

  • Take your song (or other product) and design an ad campaign
  • Create a marketing “Tag” for your product
  • Choose the media you wish to use
  • Create budgets for the campaign
  • Make your first calls to the various media agencies
  • Create a media schedule

Tuesday July 18th
12:30-3:00 “The Performance”

  • You will walk through a day as an artist
  • “Day Of” packing and checklist
  • Performance promotional-last blitz
  • Arrive at venue and introduce yourself
  • Do your set up and load in equipment
  • Other prep pre-performance
  • Learn how to do live sound check & begin first song

Monday July 24th
10:00-11:30 “The Preview”

  • Here is the preview event and practice round to your big breakthrough event
  • You will get with your team to review strategy
  • You will troubleshoot problems that arrived that day unexpectedly
  • Security gives you a report and instructions
  • Sound Check
  • You begin taking tickets on the new ticket system with true customers

Monday July 24th
12:30-3:00 “The Show”

  • Your preview show begins and you are the management team
  • What to look for while show is happening
  • One major unexpected obstacle occurs, how do you handle it?
  • Someone complains of either the sound or lights-solution?
  • What happens during and after the show? What is most important?

Tuesday July 25th
10:00-11:30 “The Festival” Part 1 Training

  • You are part of the team for a major music festival
  • Today is overall management training
  • Go through site management plan
  • Field complaints and missing pieces
  • Deal with stressed out team members
  • Answers questions from artists and public
  • Set up afternoon priority list

Tuesday July 25th
12:30-3:00 “The Performance”

  • Train your team and volunteers on your side of event responsibilities
  • Help others who appear to be struggling
  • Prioritize and solve three major “fires” (Issues) happening
  • Learn how to be the “Calm in the storm”
  • When to take initiative not in your area of responsibility

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