Our Sponsors

One Song welcomes all of our innovative, humanitarian-hearted sponsors who also believe that together, anything is possible! We are One Song.

Baly Ha Na

Baly Ha Na's mission is to help humanity reach its true potential. By helping individuals and organizations find their "Creative child inside," we can shift behavior, perception, emotional intelligence, and provide the tools to help humanity "Play the Dolphin Way." Playing the Dolphin Way is a simple-yet advanced way of being, where it's fun to learn, earn, create, share, heal, love, play and be, for a fun-a*bun*dance world for all; Beyond sustainability is "Playability!"
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Indigo Dragon Group

Indigo Dragon Group is the official financial partner for Baly Ha Na, LLC and the One Song World Project. Indigo Dragon Group's mission is to fund projects that restore balance to humanity and planet earth through more advanced technologies, along with innovative, cooperative, resourceful strategies that are built for long-term sustainability.
Indigo Dragon Group will be present during the "Summit" part of One Song World Stock for projects looking for funding and that qualify as a new paradigm business plan.
Baly Ha Na, LLC will be your direct contact to submit Executive Summaries or Grant Proposals.

Baly Ha Na, LLC
Barbara Hughes
36 Center Street, 204, Wolfeboro, NH 03894
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